1. John-

    Spec R on the way!

    So, after three months of searching with the help of torque GT, I have finally won an auction and the process of my Silvia coming to England has started! Pictures to follow!
  2. subzero

    Booted Trueno AE86 - Snaps of my Project car

    just though id fire these up , there of my little track car, saw it at auction one night and was in love, was gonna buy another cyborg mirage but bid and won this luckily, think its a bit different from the norm and gets its first spin on track (well irish tarmac anyways :D ) on mon .
  3. kimi

    Car has won a trophy

    :D while at Rotorstock at santa pod last weekend, we parked up and gave the car a very quick rub over with the leather,, then walked away to watch the strip. What we had no idea about was Rotorstock people were walking around the show looking at everyones cars. We were called back to the...
  4. I

    PCOTY - Article where the S15 won - does anyone have it?

    Hey Guys does anyone have or know where to find the PCOTY article where the S15 won (it beat a porche and some other various hipo machinery). I believe the magazine may have been MOTOR Magazine? It would have been back in 2001.