1. Luke

    tail lights

    has anyone in England preferable the Oxfordshire area got any s15 tail lights for sale, ideally i want the smoked lights but worry about the law pulling me for them has anyone got the red on white style for sale
  2. J

    water/oil/engine temps?

    hi, just wondering what everyones usally sits at when been running a while? my mate sat in my car the other day and said the readings in mine are very high, made me worry haha. thanks
  3. Tony

    Backlash on driveshaft

    Hey ya all.. I was on a car inspection a while ago. the inspector felt on the driveshaft and there was a slight play,not much.. He said to me not to worry.. but I want to check anyway.. Is that common on S15....?? Best regards T.M
  4. D

    Wheel fitting problem.

    I am trying to buy a set of 18 inch 9.5J +35 wheels for my S15, just bit worry that will the front wheels get contact with suspension without adapter?:cool:
  5. U

    Japanese modifiedcras exporter

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  6. B


    Hello to every each one of you i am new here and i am so excited because your world is a world that i was dreamin when i was kid the s15 was and still is the car i always want to have but i did untill now.I live in grecce so all this time it was difficult to bring one s15 here the custom the...
  7. J

    Clutch noise and wheel wiggle

    Two mechanical gripes for you to muse over :D 1: My clutch makes some funny whining noises, especially when starting from cold... It seems to be if I let the clutch out and back in again then it stops. Also more noticeable when selecting reverse. Is this common? what is it and should I...