1. N80Jamie

    WTB: Anyone breaking? - Need front part of Drivers Side Wheel Arch

    Mine decided to come loose on the motorway and its now a little worse for wear.. If anyone has one or knows anyone breaking an S15 please let me know. Thanks, Jamie.
  2. J

    injector duty questions??? help needed a.s.a.p really

    my car was mapped by greg with a max boost setting of 1.4bar (350bhp and 380ft torque) the injectors never hit more then 94% on limitier in 4th. since then it slowly got worse and worse, it now hits 100% injector duty at 0.94 bar at limitier in 2nd... as soon as i run it at 1.4bar on full...
  3. R-Spec

    Steering wheel shake/shudder

    Hi, I've had this for quite some time now. At one stage the front wheels were well out of balance and I ran like this for a while. Since sorting new wheels and tyres which have now been balanced 3 times I still have a slight shake which can get worse and then better again whilst driving at the...
  4. 70YSR

    HELP.... plugs? fuel filter? air filter? coil packs? or worse?

    i'll start of... all of a sudden my car looses all sense of power from about 4g+ and it sometimes splutters a bit through full acceleration. i'm about to change plugs and filters because they are about due anyway... but is it likely to be my coil packs or something worse?
  5. Trial_S15

    Apparently I'm driving a 240SX!!!

    ....with a strawberry face! Well even a ka is better than an SR20DE http://www.carbodykitstore.com/product_info.php?cPath=30_60_391_1012&products_id=8544&osCsid=f595klfg30cto6bpo9ktoibib7 Bit odd that they'd use an S15 when there are plenty of S14.5's around (which is what they're...
  6. Darren_S15

    Should Diff Noise Really Be This Bad?

    I know there are a lot of threads about diff but I thought it would be best to start a new one (sorry). I've got a Nismo diff on my car, that I think is a 1.5 way. Its always been a bit noisy. Last weekend I added sub frame locking collar to my car and now its absolutely awful. I knew this...
  7. JEZ 8553

    Wisdom Teeth

    Ok, so i had all 4 wisdom teeth out on friday and they are still bleeding (not profusely) and giving a constant throb...how long does this normally last ?? Still cant eat most solids as my gums and cheeks have swollen like melons so its too easy to aggrevate and open the sticthes and wounds...