1. N80Jamie

    Hiii :)

    Hey everyone im Jamie and i'm from Telford, England. At the minute i'm just doing some research on S15's and will hopefully end up having one early next year. After reading through some of the build threads on this forum, all i can say is WOW to everyone! This has to be one of the only forums...
  2. adz87kc

    some serious engineering :o

    Don't know if this is a repost but oh wow! :eek:
  3. mint

    Driftworks 2JZ s15 - 09' Spec!

    Yup.. New paint job for the new season. wow....
  4. P

    thanks S15OC ;)

    dunno if anyone else remembers that thread about cleaning the front lights to remove the foggyness if you will and make them clear again, well I finnaly tried today and wow! what a difference! car looks WAY better!!!! thanks for the tips! i think it warranted a thread as it made me think my car...