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    WTB: s15 coil pack

    mine gave up on the way into work tonight.....only had the car 24 hours :yawn: Anyone got one lying round...price posted to essex please :)
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    Convert me

    Howdy people, i am currently the owner of a Yellow jdm Integra type R and have been thinking about getting an S15 for quite a while now. I know absoutly nothing about any cars other that Hondas lol as thats what i have always owned :yawn: So here i am, im going to have a gander on the forum and...
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    Hello chaps & chapess's I'm sure some of you know me from SXOC, but thought it'd be prudent to register on here for some more specific advice about the Spec S the GF now drives :D I do however know how to use the search button so may be limited to friendly banter & general pisstaking :yawn...