1. J

    FS: Used carbon canards set of 4

    99 Revolutions- Garage Mak set of 4 carbon canards 6,500 yen + shipping fees They are 17,850 yen new. The clear coat is a little thin on some of the edges. See pics
  2. J

    FS: Spec R Gauge Cluster for sale

    Spec R gagues originally for Nicely but he found some locally instead. I told him no worries I'll just post them up for sale. I don't know the mileage as Nicely said it didn't matter to him. 12,000 yen + shipping NEW PRICE: 90,00 yen + shipping
  3. P

    Missed out on full Aero S15

    Just last week I missed out on my perfect S15. :cry: Here she is... Full Aero Kit (Spats/Skirts/Bumper/Wing) Auction Grade 4, Interior grade A 38k Miles I placed a bid of 1.65 Million Yen which is around ?7k. But the car went for 1.8 Million Yen (?8000) which is out of my budget. After...