1. AllanOrr

    DJ Set's

    Hey guys dont know if this might intrest a few of yous or not but worth a shot, on the EpCivic forum I was on for when I had my Civic I used to post up links to the DJ sets I done every month either that were recorded from gigs or from promo's I done, Have been Dj'ing for about 7-8 years started...
  2. B

    ello ello

    hey everybody :D I offically became an s15 owner about 2 hours ago :rotfl: 2001 adm blue spec been searching for forums and this looks like a nice one :) so I'll see yous around :wave:
  3. K

    Whats This Slot For?

    Just wondering if anyone knows what this slot is for in my 99 S15 Spec R it seems like its just a cut out in the dash with nothing behind it just wondering if you's would have any idea of what it was used for, if anything! Here's the pic: Thanks lads :thumbs:
  4. P

    Aero spoiler fitting

    I've fitted an aero spoiler to mine but there's a big gap at the bottom where it meets with the boot lid. What do you's use to hide or fill the gap so it doesn't look as bad?