1. rapid200sx

    Nismo tv - new Youtube channel

    If any of you are committed Nismo fans and like the various events that Nismo race cars in (around the world) as factory motorsport teams, Nismo recently started their own channel in conjunction with (and on) Youtube, called Nismo tv.
  2. tooley

    Dori Dori teaser- team blue

    Go team blue! YouTube - Richy twinning with Tooley YouTube - Richy and Tooley twinning
  3. L

    Youtube Video :D

    Hello Guys Its Liam Here, Bit Late But: Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year :thumbs: Just Thought I Would Let You In On My New Youtube Video. Its Made On Sony Vegas Pro 10 (first 1):wack: On Forza Motosports 3 (Xbox 360):notworthy: Doing Some Drifting With Some Of My M8ts. :rotfl: Rendering Is...
  4. tooley

    Auto test - Snow S15 + S13 = fun

    YouTube - Snow auto test slalom YouTube - S15 Auto test snow rhys s13 boot view :D jamiw k driving YouTube - Jamie k driving rhys s13 auto test snow YouTube - Auto test s13 boot snow
  5. D

    nice vid on youtube about importing silvia to Australia Have a look on this exhaust system :) Regards Greg.
  6. tooley

    Awesome drifting video filmed in Hong Kong Streets

    just came across this on youtube pitty the soud got changed.
  7. E

    Which Bodykit is this???

    I hope here I will get my answer...!? I found this Kit on youtube and made a screenshot. Does anyone know which Kit this is? Or has more pictures? I like it very much, looks very aggresive! Here is the link to youtube at 1:30 THX
  8. J

    Drift on YouTube!

    Hey peeps. I found this on YouTube... I like Linkin Park! So the music is great and some of the effects that have been used look great too...