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3 September 2020
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British Colombia
Hey guys!!
(This post is for people who are interested in buying the c-west body kit from the Tokyo drift movie)

I've been on a wild adventure trying to replicate the Mona Lisa S15 from The Fast and The Furious (Tokyo drift~~).

I've looked all around and did not find any websites that sold the c-west body kit I was looking for.

Even when going on the official c-westusa website they don't seem to sell it, I tried sending an inquiry that kept glitching out whenever I tried to send a message, the "North America Dealers" page on the website is currently "Under construction" and their email was nowhere to be found on the website. I was losing all hope of not being able to have my dream car from an amazing movie.

But! After doing some research regarding how I could try to purchase this kit I accidentally stumbled upon the c-westusa email address and instantly sent an inquiry regarding this body kit. (info@c-westusa.com)

They got back to me right away stating that "All items are not in stock in USA now. And I am afraid those kit are discontinued except Front Bumper. will double-check with Japan." sooo damn.. there's a low chance of them having this kit but I still have hope!

But they also mentioned "DSG Performance" and how they are their dealer in Canada (https://www.dsgperformance.com/) and I was told that I could buy through them.

So while I waited for the c-west company to get back to me if japan had any in stock I emailed the DSG Performance regarding this body kit (They don't have it shown on their website). The gentleman I spoke to Jason, seemed quite friendly helping me with what I wanted. And with my luck, it turned out they did have the c-west drift body kit I was looking for in stock!

I am currently waiting for my parts to arrive and will leave an update on how long the shipping was (they told me that they take around 2-3 months but due to covid it could be longer?) and the cost all in was around 3k CAD for the front & rear bumper and side skirts (Plus shipping).

So all I know is that if you are living in Canada this is the way to go if you are interested in purchasing any body kit from the c-west kits. I'm sure they also do America but not 100% sure about other countries and you'll probably need to email c-west for assistance.