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    auto to manual conversion HELP....

    Hi i have found a s15 that i really like nice and clean but its an auto and for the price it is im not to bothered!! but i will want to convert it at some point!! i have found a gear box but what else would i need and would s14a parts fit?! i have sourced pedals from australia and gear stick...
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    SPEC R for £3500 on gum tree!!!

    does anyone know if this is lagit?? as thats not much money for a SPEC R..... OR does anyone know this car?! at that price i wont import one ill go get it now!!!:yawn:
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    is it worth it???

    hi i was on a site the other day (japan partner) looking at importing an s15 for myself!! i found one nice and cheap!! ( $2050 ) the fob price is $2579 and an extra $777 to ship to uk.. all prices in USD - grade 3.5 its a standard type s ( non turbo ) and its an auto... these things dont...
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    WTB: Front drivers wing in grey/pewter :(

    I was in wicks and some fu@? Tard pushed a trolly into the front wing of my car :( not a good look!!! It was a heavy duty trolly so made a lovely mess.... After a front drivers side wing in grey/ pewter please?! :-/ thank you
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    wheel colour help!!

    okay well i was going to buy new wheels then couldnt make my mind up so in the end kept the wheels..... i have painted the passenger side wheels metalic copper!! and left the drivers side white!! please give your honest opinion on which you think looks better, as i cant decide.... white!! or...
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    WTB: Rear spats

    Looking for a set of rear spats in pewter would be great?? What have you got?!
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    FS: Rota d cups 17x7.5 et45

    For sale 4x rota d cups 17x7.5 et45 not using them now as my plans have changed!! :( 5x114 just wheels no tyres!! Gold centres diamond cut lip, could do with a refurb ill get pics up today :) looking for £350 open to offers!!
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    FS: Aftermarket rear lights and standard parts including headlight

    Crappy looking rear lights, good overall condition just not to my taste!! £50 delivered.... standard orange side repeaters great condition £5 passenger side headlight non hid for parts only!! Front glass is sold, rear plastic is damaged but internals are good... Plus have the bulb holders and...
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    FS: 18inch wheels for sale

    selling these's as i have new ones now :) they are 18x7 im not 100% sure if they are 7 or 7.5 but will find out after christmas now 5x114.3 4 x tyres with 7mm tred (budget) but never had a problem wet or snow!! if anyone is intrested ill get them more info asap!! they are all good condition...
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    WTB: Standard bonnet

    Wanted standard bonnet, after some retard reversed into the front of my car and drove off :( would profer it in grey but don't mind if not as I will get it painted... What you got and how much please??
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    WTB: Exhaust car back....

    Exhaust cat back... Looking for or idea's where I can get a exhaust from the cat back!! Current one has seen better days!! Single pipe 4"/5" exit what you got or where is a good place to find one?? Cris
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    Matt black s15 sexy looking

    Kitted matt black s15 at Milton Keynes cruise Sunday 25th nov next to a s14 out side the network rail offices/ old hockey stadium car park any one from here??
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    WTB: Standard speaker covers/ parcel shelf

    I'm after a standard set of rear speaker covers from the parcel sshelf any one help me out?
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    Meet: Tunnel run!!!

    I'm arranging a tunnel run with a few mates, all have jap motors :) from civic type R to r33 skybus and me in my s15... We are going to meet at the ace cafe in London and then go have some fun :) All welcome!! Planning for end of October and a Saturday evening... as soon as I have more...
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    FS: Lockwood silver speedo dial

    New never used Lockwood speedo dial looking for £32 delivered Picture to follow