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  • hey bud, exhaust is going on tomorrow, will tell ya wot its like when i get back from having it fitted, but i know this.... its a direct copy of the trust system and is very loud unless you have the removeable baffle thingy fitted which comes as part of the kit. price i got mine for was £270 which is slightly cheaper than list, but my mechanic works on the japspeed pro and european drift cars. he rates the exhaust which is good enuf for me!
    hi mate, just thought i would send you a message so you can respond to me easy about your new exhaust..

    i have to say im very tempted by the style and the quality looks good but dont want a really noisy exhaust..

    cheers, Tom
    so whats happening this weekend then since you asked me in a thread if I was coming along to something with the CMMOC lot?

    hi there! im from peterborough and am running a black ep3 at the moment, have met you guys often at various meets and i know simon thru various cruises etc... just bought the s15 and its in the garage atm getting through an mot, should be around from end of next wk onwards. come over and say hi to me and the missus if you see us!
    Hi Jay
    Just noticed your late post on the Nostalgia thread lol. So where abouts are you form as your part on ONC, not seen the S15 about?
    Im staff on CMMOC.
    chelle x
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