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    FS: Nissan S15 Genuine OEM Spec R Aero Bumper

    Thought i'd liven up this section of the forum, Here we go! S15 Aero bumper in WV2 Pewter Grey with OEM foglights. Excellent condition. £550 & £35 courier. UK only. Nismo LMGT4 by Rays Engineering White, 16 x 7 & 8 et33 & et38. Great condition, stupidly light & stupid rare. couple...
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    FS: Brand new Nismo, Tomei and other bits

    Afternoon lads, After a change of plan i've decided not to go stage 3 with the S15. Therefore i have a few bits up for grabs... 4 x Nismo 740cc injectors & o-rings - brand new in nismo boxes, nismo paperwork. No need to be cleaned or flow-tested. Deposit taken Cheers!
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    FS: S15 front bumper with lip - grey

    Up for sale is my S15 bumper with the Integra lip. Excellent condition, already trimmed for a FMIC. £140 collected with the lip £100 collected without the lip Aquire bitches, they love it Cheers
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    Car stolen

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    Check out this chop-top S15...

    Monstrosity imo :down:
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    FS: My super awesome JDM CD & MD double din

    Good afternoon! I have listed my double din player on ebay. Included in the sale: 1 x kenwood dpx-9000mj headunit with wiring 1 x Initial D official soundtrack mini disc which is properly badass! 2 x Japanese Female pop mini discs. Listing...
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    FS: 740cc injectors

    Hi guys, For sale i have 4 genuine JECS 740cc injectors. All are in excellent, excellent condition with brand new o-rings. They have also been flow tested I'm asking £300 posted. ps. Don't risk it - if you have an SR20 then just get new JECS injectors! Have a look at the 4...
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    D-Max ducktail spoiler - anyone interested?

    Right guys in the UK. I've got a mate who owns a company (matt@spirit9) that imports from Japan. I've registered interest in the d-max ducktail, and he's asked if anyone else wants one as this would bring the price down. The price i've been quoted for one spoiler is £130, which ain't half bad...
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    FS: S15 boot and the Nismo spoiler

    Now then chaps... After much thought i've decided to stick with the spoilerless boot and as a result i have the other boot taking up space. The boot itself is in excellent condition in pewter grey. Comes complete with silvia badge and the hole for the lock barrel. Attached to the boot is the...
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    How to troll a dating website

    For those who haven't seen it on the SXOC or pistonheads... I very nearly cried with laughter
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    WTB: A few bits wanted

    Hi guys, i'm after a few bits so i'd see what people on the forum have before buying new :) Parts include: Carbon bonnet, Carbon center console + gear surround, Carbon anything lol, Ducktail spoiler, Aftermarket rear lights Some gucci parts there, but I hope to get replies Cheers! Martin.
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    Aftermarket ecu question

    Hi everybody, I've just fitted an aftermarket ecu (orientworks) to the s15. Upon installation, on the back of this ecu there is two thin black wires with a connector on the end. Looking at the original one, there are no wires... The car fires up as usual, but i haven't taken it for a spin...
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    FS: Cusco Carbon Fiber rear strut brace

    As title chaps, i have this excellent item up for grabs. Cusco Racing carbon fibre strut brace. I bought this off a friend as an impulse buy as it looked so good. However it's been sat in the house for a month doing nothing. As you'll see from the pics, it is in virtually new condition and you...
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    Greddy wing mount intercooler

    Hi guys, i've just removed the bumper to fit my shiny new Apex fmic. But what do i find already there...? A chunky wing mount with Greddy stamped on the underneath. Anyone ever come across one before? And more importantly, is there any need to take it off?
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    Fitting of manifold and elbow queries

    Hi Guys, today i took delivery of an Apex type 2 manifold and turbo elbow. Being a bit of a newbie to this kind of mod i've been told by a friend that i need to also buy braided turbo hoses and gaskets. I'd be very grateful if anyone can confirm if i do actually need the lines (quite...