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  • Looks really good mate! You've done a good job! :thumbs:

    Well all I know is my last day is next Friday and I don't have another job lined up yet!! :( I've had a lot of interest in the car but no one has come up with the cash yet!
    Dont worry Ive seen a pic in your thread! looks nice, I like that front bumper!! your lucky youve got wind deflectors... wish mine had come with them :(
    Fitted the HKS racing one, sounds amazing!! Yeah the fn2 is too new at the moment... and no where near as much torque!

    Well youve got 23 days lol my car is no where near ready yet either.. I have stripped a bit of my interior to fit xmas prezies :D what plans you got for yours?
    Ohhh yeah he did say something about one of his mates getting an S15!! Good choice lol

    Chris is my girlfriend's cousin, I fitted an induction kit on his type R yesterday :thumbs:

    Small world ay! You going to the nissan meet on the 24th jan? its quite a way but we could convoy down :)
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