1. B

    Need some bodywork help

    Not much experience with bodywork so any help / guidance is appreciated I'm basically trying to make the following wheels work and have bought some arch extensions to suit but am unsure what to do with the original rear arch / 1/4 panel This is what I've got Sent from my HUAWEI GRA-L09...
  2. M

    Removing rear 1/4 window trims

    I'm looking to remove the rear trim round the rear 1/4 windows. Any advice how to do this without breaking anything :thumbs:
  3. C

    RWYB 1/4 mile times

    Has anyone on here taken their cars to a RWYB day? If so what times did you get?? I went to Shakespeare County Raceway for a bit of fun today and posted a standing 1/4 time of 13.1 with a terminal speed of 110mph. Was a bit disappointed as I wanted to get into the 12's really but the grip off...