1. H

    VVT help

    Wondering if someone had any ideas, my car is a 3a so should be fairly quick. (2871, 555cc etc) However yesterday I drove a 2a 14a which highlighted a few issues with mine. Mine is missing a huge chunk of midrange, actually when I think about it it's not performing across the entire rev range...
  2. B

    Turbo elbow and downpipe assistance

    Can anyone help, I've done the det swap into my spec s s15 and have been using a s14 aftermarket elbow and downpipe which didn't fit great I've since found out I should be using a s14a downpipe, do I also need to get a 14a elbow as well Thanks for the help I'm all confused [emoji55] Sent...
  3. H


    I've recently bought an S15 Spec S, looking to try and purchase a few bits and bobs for it. not new to Datsuns I owned a 14a for around 12 years until it rusted away and was scrapped a month or so ago. so picked up an average condition car which I found advertised on here (and SXOC) with a...
  4. Parky

    Turbo elbows...

    Couldn't find an answer to this, s15 elbows seem to be few and far between so when going aftermarket which is the correct one to fit out of the s14 and s14a elbows? I understand the 14a elbow is a little longer but that's it.
  5. M

    15 drive shafts same as the 14a ones

    Snapped mine yesterday just on the way home from work just after i went over a train crossing so i need to replace it but ive found a 14a one but dont know whether its the same as the orginal s15 one any ideas???
  6. D

    bonnet stay s15/s14a

    mines missing should a 14a one be the same. If anyone has one laying around i could do with one. I cant carry a broom handle everywhere with me when its up and on the road
  7. Jay

    My ecu has died!

    well.... during the fitting of my nistune board, as soon as my mapper tried to connect to consult, the ecu shat itself. we think someone at somepoint has messed with it and screwed with the connection, the result being the instant it was connected to, it crashed. we have plugged a 14a ecu and it...
  8. W

    Inidicator cancellation

    Hi, My s14a is pants cancelling the indicators at roundabouts. An S15 I drove was perfect. Can you tell me if your S15 is good at auto cancelling? Anyone know why, are there differences between 14a and 15?
  9. K

    Just had my first good drive :)

    Wow is all i can say. Handles soooo much better than the 14 did. Feels much more planted and sure footed. I'm running pretty much standard at the mo and it still feels as quick as my 14a at stage 1 !! All i can say is that i'm loving it. Taking it easy though and avoiding the deers over...
  10. kimi


    I'm looking at getting a FMI and have my eye on a Apex type 2 over the type 1, advantages being no relocation of battery/ no holes drilled /no wire moving/ no grinding of chasis rales. Disadvantage is slightly longer pipework. I've been talking to someone with a type 2 on with a 14a, he's...
  11. M

    Wiring For Z32 AFM

    Me again folks asking about Z32's. :o Just want to check is our airflow meter wiring the same as the 14a? Just wanting to check before I follow the wiring diagram from SXOC. Thanks.......