1. E

    Circuit/Drift 1.5way or 2way diff ?

    Hi guys, I need to buy a LSD diff for my S15.. The issues I have is I'm building my car for circuit use and I've now got the itch to give drifting a go ... I know all the drifters use a 2way diff and circuit racing a 1.5way ... What can you guys reccomend as I was concerned a 2way might...
  2. B

    diff question. standard or 1.5way

    i have been offered a 1.5way diff in exchange for my standard diff on my spec r and wondered what you guys thought.
  3. Y

    Quietest LSD

    As above...I've almost decided to go for the Nismo Pro Lsd but I hear its quite noisey. I'm only after a 1.5way. I want performance and comfort if possible.
  4. Topper

    S15 Helical Vs Nismo GT 1.5way

    Ok, i have been thinking about swaping my stock S15 Helical LSD for a Nismo GT 1.5way from another S15, as the guy who owns the car doesnt like it. I've been toying with the idea for a while now (not even sure if the guy would still swap) as i'm a bit worried it might upset the car and put me...