1. L

    Someone please stop my confussion

    Hi all Just about getting round to fit my FMIC on the weekend :thumbs: Only problem i have is whats the best to run for the engine. Basically i want to aim for a stage 1a/2 on the S15. want to run a safe 1bar of boost and maz 1.1bar Whats best to do on the recirc side of things? Run the...
  2. A

    Anyone good at setting HKS EVC 5's?

    Is there anyone who can help setup an HKS EVC 5? Ive followed the manual but it just doesn't seem to limit the boost, its going to 151kpa. It was set to a value before, the gauge on the a-pillar was showing over 1bar then, so I tried to lower it but its boosting more now & I cant get the old...
  3. B

    another new member.....ME

    Hi everyone my name is jay, I'm 22 and from devon. Had my s15 spec r for around 7 months now and am extremely happy with it but have had some problems along the way. Will post some pics of her soon and see what you think..... Oh yeah one question, can I run 1bar of boost without problems? Many...
  4. M

    Hks evc-s ebc

    I have just purchased and intalled a HKS EVC-S boost controller, The latest version one. Iam having some problems fine tuning and getting all the OFFSET,RESPONCE,WARNING,DROP VALUE, all correct. I am wanting to run my S15 at 1bar high boost on one setting and around 10psi low boost on the...
  5. DeanS15

    boost leak? aargh!!

    i've got a bit of a pain in the arse to share, basically im looking for suggestions as to whats wrong with my car. i had it set up and remapped to 1.2bar on the t28bb and have the supporting mods to go with it, and for a couple of months it pulled like a train, but then developed a squeal at...
  6. H


    guys i had the s15 out for a spin a while ago and i noticed when i was passing out a car id felt like the car overboosted it just died for a sec and came back then i tried it again and the boost gauge went right up to 1bar which i have never seen it do before im not running any boost mods or...