1. G

    FS: Hinodex stern wheels, 20mm spacers

    hi guys, selling these wheels as ive got myself a new set:nod: Hinodex stern wheels 18' wheels (2 of them are 18-8, the other 2 are 18-9) all offset 38 tyres are 225-40. 2 tyres are just about legal, the other 2 have about 3-4mm left on them. looking for 450pounds for the wheels, buyer covers...
  2. M

    20mm hubcentric spacers

    I have a pair of 20mm left before get a new batch made up. a customer changed his mind after they had been made, only wanted the 25mm shown in the picture 20mm - £85 price includes the bolts for fitting and is delivered uk mainland :)
  3. M

    Hubcentric spacers, Various MM

    hey folks been setting this up for a couple of months, and has been successful with rx7 and 350z customers so far, plus a few civics, Also a track evo 8 and 2 drift rx7's. at Knockhill time attack a few months ago i spoke to a few people about these and interest was keen, so here goes. im now...
  4. D

    WTB: Wheel spacers 20mm

    Hi Looking for good quality wheel spacers - max 20mm. What should I look for (quality - price)?
  5. JonoS15

    FS: 20mm wheel spacers

    I have 2 x 20mm Wheel spacers just come off my S15 if anyones interested? In good condition. lookin for around £60 + del. but open to offers. Pics to follow. let me know if your interested. cheers jono
  6. V

    pic request please, 20mm front fenders

    hey folks since one of my front wings doesnt fit great "bad fix in japland" im toying with the idea of getting 20mm wide wings, i just want to see pics how the fit up near the door do they stick out etc, pics please THANKS
  7. V

    JDM Cat Converter

    Guys, I'm not sure whether anyone else has had this problem. I installed my dump and from pipe finally (with a little help), but because the hks front pipe was designed for the shorter JDM cats, it has pushed the rest of my exhaust back about 20mm. It appears the JDM cat is about 20mm shorter...