1. S

    FS: XXR 527 alloys 114.3x5

    3 in perfect condition and 1 has slight chip (see pic) they have been refurbished. all tyres are legal with good thread 235/40/18 and 225/40/18 £500 also have i pair of 25mm bolt on spacers £100
  2. crazymat666

    is there such place that make custom made silicone hoses??

    i have a dump valve fitted but the t-piece spout is 25mm which is standard size for all bore size t-pieces .but the dump valve is also 25mm and has split the t-piece even though i got around it it looks scruffy and the fact ino its like it bugs me.so does anyone know of any places on the...
  3. R

    New Wheels............................

    your thougths and opinions welcomed ;) Rota GR6 - 9.5x18 et30 x4 25mm spacer front 5mm spacer rear
  4. M

    20mm hubcentric spacers

    I have a pair of 20mm left before get a new batch made up. a customer changed his mind after they had been made, only wanted the 25mm shown in the picture 20mm - £85 price includes the bolts for fitting and is delivered uk mainland :)
  5. M

    FS: 25mm hubcentric spacer pair ** bargain **

    alright folks as per our hubcentric spacer thread, unfortunately we had a lack of concentration and noted down 25mm instead of 20mm for a customer and ended up making the wrong size. bummer! these are brand new, unfitted with all bolts supplied, everything as per a normal spacer order. full...
  6. AllanOrr

    FS: Origin Style 25mm Front Wings (Unfitted)

    Hi guys, Decided to go down a slightly different path with the styling on my S15 and now wont be running another Drift kit as I can get the Bodykit I want copyed for roughly the same money which would make more sense to be honest :) Sooo I am selling the Origin styled 25mm Front wings I got...
  7. sparks

    ulralite spacers 25mm