1. N

    hi to all from gold coast

    hi name Denise and im on the gold coast. i just found this site so i thought id introduce myself i currently own a gold and black camo s15 (ex east coast custom got26) its sitting in my garge waiting for my skyline to sell so i can put a motor in it. Thinking either rb26dett, 2jz twin turbo or...
  2. mint

    Driftworks 2JZ s15 - 09' Spec!

    Yup.. New paint job for the new season. wow....
  3. P

    2jz swap

    sold my sr already intersted in getting and rb 26 or a 2jz preferbly a 2jz. Whats stopping me is that the shop im going to is telling me the motor mounts drive shaft for the 2jz will have to be custom. so i did some research online and they only have kits for s13 and 14, so i email one of the...