1. S

    FS: R34 GTR Wheels + NISMO 2way 4.3FD LSD

    R32 GTST 2way NISMO Diff 4.3 Final Drive. I believe it will fit S13/14/15 I haven't researched it fully though. I brought it from Garage Southern Style a few months ago, I've just cleaned it up. £550 posted in the UK. R34 GTR Wheels. 18" 9J et30. I've started to refurb them, tyres are no...
  2. Jay-pan

    FS: Nismo GT LSD 2way.

    Hi guys, just removed what i believe is a Nismo 2way diff. Comes with new bearings and bearing rings, works spot on and very easy to kick the back end out with it. Only removed it as my S15 is an everyday car and felt it was too much effort to have Looks in great condition and works how it...
  3. E

    Circuit/Drift 1.5way or 2way diff ?

    Hi guys, I need to buy a LSD diff for my S15.. The issues I have is I'm building my car for circuit use and I've now got the itch to give drifting a go ... I know all the drifters use a 2way diff and circuit racing a 1.5way ... What can you guys reccomend as I was concerned a 2way might...
  4. J

    is this diff correct?

    hi, is this the correct diff to fit in my casing? http://www.driftworks.com/forum/parts-sale-private-sales/154666-f-s-kazz-2way-casing.html thanks :) ive been after a 2way for ages now haha
  5. J

    WTB: s15 2way diff!

    hi, is anyone selling one? would prefer it in the casing already but still interested without. needed a.s.a.p :) thanks
  6. J

    WTB: Swap my helical LSD for your 2way?

    I want to swap my stock S15 Helical LSD for a 2way! Anyone? :)
  7. B

    2way diff for non turbo S15. What fits??

    Rights lads. I'm finding it difficult to find a 2way for my non turbo s15. From doing some research i have found that an R200 differential will fit in my current casing. Is this correct?? The R200 is the diff found in the 180sx so can i recase a 180sx 2way into my on casing?? Its ****in...
  8. E

    Living with a 2way

    Ello ello Im looking into a S15 that has a 2way already fitted, but as its my first RWD car, and it happens to be up around 320bhp @.9bar im slightly worried im gona do something nasty some morning on my way to college/work :down: Are they forgiving or do you have to be paying 100% attention...
  9. L

    WTB: want a standard diff to swap for a 2way diff

    As the Title says above im after a standard diff, two way diff to scary for me...
  10. R

    diff oil

    whats the best oil should be used in a 2way diff if it makes difference its cusco thanks
  11. S15AK

    Nismo GT-PRO 2way diff?

    Hi Guys, Ok I think I have the above diff in my S15. Now I believe these are adjustable diff's and can go from 1.5 to 2way. Now I've had a quick google around but can't find out how you can adjust them? Anyone had one before and now how to change it? Cheers