1. R

    Cant Change into 5th or 6th at High RPM

    Noticed this today, I thought I'd give it some as I rarely get the opportunity to. So I was giving it the heavy and when in the high RPM's between 5/7k I would try and change from 4th to 5th....Nope, The shifter acted like the gear wasn't even there, wouldn't go up. So I had an idea! 6th I...
  2. Lai

    White 15 at Beaulieu Motor Museum

    As above Sunday 4th Aug Anyone here? Sent from Lai-Phone using Tapatalk
  3. N

    my 4th silvia s15 :-)

    wel lads here's my 4th s15:
  4. Adam L

    FS: S15 6 speed box (broken)

    I've got my old box sitting around now, so if someone is interested in.it for the casing or any possible salvagable parts, its yours for £50 collected. I still had use of all gears bar 4th, which is none existent now. I can't guarantee how good the rest of the gearset is because it was pretty...
  5. S

    Gear problem

    Hey guys, sometimes have a hard time putting the gear stick into 5th gear from 4th, but can find it most times, but if I try to go from 6th back down to 5th, I can never find it and end up having to always to go straight to 4th. when at a standstill, can go through all gears no problem, seems to...
  6. D

    Gymkhana at Putrajaya, Malaysia

    1st, 2nd and 4th placing taken by S15's!!:nod: If you're wondering, 3rd place was a impreza By the way, the S15 with the green rims is a non-turbo, took 4th place.
  7. S

    Manual for HKS fcon and evc

    I bought my car with hks fcon and evc installed. The problem is that i dont know how to use them:annoyed: Im not thinking about mapping the fcon, but to understand the display thingy and why it beeps sometimes. And i would like to know how to use the evc, i think its an 4th gen but im not...