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    WTB: WANTED : s15 solid flywheel

    thought id stick this up on the off chance somone has one lying about :P I need a s15 solid flywheel for a 6speed box, not a duel mass one and other SR solid flywheels dont work,
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    FS: Nismo super coppermix clutch (6speed) & Spec R gearbox (low milage) (6speed)

    For sale- S15 spec R 6Speed gearbox 50,000 miles on car, but the box looks re-built, possible Hpi / Nismo internals? Cannot confirm, but high grade Oil came out perfect, as in, not even used and still clear in colour, no spaff on magnet. surface gack on box from being sat doing nothing...
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    s15 6 speed shifter and altezza's ones

    hi guys.. I have just done the manual conversion today, and it turned out that my short shifter that came with the 6speed gearbox f**ked up...I couldnt go on reverse...so the mechanic told me that I have to get the factory 6speed ones...so Im wondering if the altezza ones fit into s15 ones? as...
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    confirmation c's short shifter

    Can anyone tell me how do you distingish the" c's short shift" I've seen one like this,it's taken out form a 6speed s15 I found one on the web that is like http://www.perfectrun.com.au/performance%20parts/drive%20train/shift%20stick/Csshiftstickshortstrokeshift.htm How do I know that is...