1. R

    Cant Change into 5th or 6th at High RPM

    Noticed this today, I thought I'd give it some as I rarely get the opportunity to. So I was giving it the heavy and when in the high RPM's between 5/7k I would try and change from 4th to 5th....Nope, The shifter acted like the gear wasn't even there, wouldn't go up. So I had an idea! 6th I...
  2. Fruitbooter

    Silvia had its first tantrum today...

    Okay went for a drive to Ironbridge today which is a good 20 miles from me but it played up a few times on the way.. Firstly when i got into the car in the mornin i diss-armed it fine got in..turned ignition on then turned key to start and it went dead...tried turning key back and starting...
  3. C1TPT

    Its back!!!! :D

    Hi guys! As some of you know my car has been off of the road for a loooooong time but finally got it back :D I had the gearbox rebuilt even though it was fine.... I got a new clutch from Exedy... and fitted a new spiggot bush in the fly wheel now its all fine :thumbs: When I first test drove...
  4. LuPix_S15

    Open Event: Track Day @ Oulton Park - Fri 6th Nov 2009

    Hola S15 peeps :wave: I've rounded up a few mates and we're heading to Oulton Park on Fri 6th Nov for a full day's track action hehe - I've already booked my place on trackdays.co.uk :) http://www.trackdays.co.uk/tracks/oulton_park.htm This is kinda like a petrolhead birthday thingy for me...
  5. subzero

    FS: 2X foo fighters tickets wembley 6th june

    i have 2 standing tickets for the foo fighters next friday 6th of june in wembley. cant make the gig so got to sell on the tickets, just want face value im no tawt and want a fan to have em. 50 sterlings and say 2 for postage . pm or reply whatever.
  6. P

    wide bits!

    supplied by driftkits. they seem pretty good quality...the rears kiss the current arches very well. its booked into the bodyshop on the 6th, ill let you know what they make of them etc... and some more pics with it all on too!: