1. FreakensNL

    WTB: [S15] Studs & Spacers 8mm for Ohlins and Volks

    I have Ohlins and Volks :cool: with 5mm spacers but they just touch the spring so need a bit more clearance... first off: I hate spacers but what can you do I'm thinking of going for 8mm once to be on the safe side saw these: http://novustech.ca/shop/10mm-4x114-3-5x114-3-cb64-1mm/ but they don...
  2. LuPix_S15

    Engine Hose Size Guide

    Ok peeps - finally got round to this lol! :wack: 1. Fuel hoses = 8mm 2. Defi boost gauge hoses = 4mm 3. Plenum intake pipe = 70mm 4. Cold pipe/plenum = 14mm 5. Recirc feed = 38mm 6. Breathers = 16mm 7. Boost solenoid vacuums = 6mm 8. Hotpipe = 50mm 9. Recirc/intake = 27mm 10. Rad hose =...