1. K

    S15 spec r

    Hey people I've spec r running 400 brake have it also 2 years being building away at it when the bank account let me
  2. Cess

    What about an S15oc Instagram account?

    Didn't realise the club had a Twitter account (now followed) which got me thinking... the s15oc should create an "offical" Instagram account. Silvias are incredibly popular, we have some great cars on here. So I think it would be a great way of showing off our cars, raising awareness of the...
  3. O

    Help had to create a new account

    Hi I've had to create a new user as I cant seem to private message anyone or post anything with my normal account orb38. please help. Thanks
  4. H


    Hi all i currently have a honda civic ej9 and am only 18 which is probably too young to get insured on a s15 spec R so I thort id create an account so that I could pick up ideas and knowledge of the S15 so when it comes to buying one I will have knowledge of them cheers
  5. R

    Introducing - Revolutions Wheels

    Hello Everyone, Revolutions Professional Wheel Refurbishment is a new operation set up to provide a good quality, valued service to car enthusiasts such as yourselves. Having refurbished many sets of wheels in the past with stunning results, the decision was made to offer the service...
  6. F

    WTB: Looking for Rear spats any color

    Hello all Looking for rear spats preferably in silver/pewter And someone willing to ship them to the USA I have a UPS account so shipping shouldn't be to difficult:) Thanks Terry