1. T

    Blitz Active Clutch vs ORC-409D

    Anyone have input on these clutches, Blitz active single clutch kit has a upgrade available to convert it to a twin disk which seems to be a great cost saving idea. Reading a few other forums I was saw that ORC makes the Blitz clutches, can anyone confrim ?
  2. Jay

    HKS - rumours they are no more....?

    i have heard on the grapevine that HKS have gone under, has anyone else heard these rumours? not sure i believe them myself as the website is still active etc....
  3. J

    hello all

    Hello from j@wrc technologies @ silverstone uk new on here obviously i have not got a s15 but realy badly want one after building a s15 for a customer with a tomei genisis engine/blitz 450r turbo kit/and custom plenum with q45 throtle body and motec m48 hope to be an active member on the...