1. Darren_S15

    FS: Free S15 Stuff

    I found a bag of S15 goodies in my garage when having a clear out. All free to anyone willing to collect, I will post parts if you cover the postage costs. Everything worked fine when it was removed from the car but no guarantee comes with any of these parts. Anything not claimed by the end...
  2. S

    WTB: 4" induction/intake pipe, 4" blue couplers, 4" filter adapter

    As the title states, I'm after these parts for my new turbo. I've pretty much found it all on eBay, but was wondering if anyone has these, or knows someplace I can get them other than eBay. Trying to get the best price I can. As far as the free adapter, the closest I have found online was a 4"...
  3. roachey

    FS: My ex race engine parts and extras some new and used

    Hi guy and gals looking to sell all my old and new RB parts from the engine i used last year. Some parts were bought new incase the viper conversion didnt go well so i would have used all these parts. I am looking to sell this all quite quickly as i dont want too many parts still here. I dont...
  4. S

    S15 gearbox conversion to Z33 6 speed

    Just thought after seeing the couple of threads on the z33 gearbox conversion, that I might put up some info, and a how too. I am still waiting for my new box to arrive, but everything else bar the tail shaft has been modded to suit. So far I have bought the adapter kit from here -...
  5. JaseYpk

    Water Temp sensor adapter!

    Yeah so.. usual defi.. no adapter to make the sensor useful. According to Defi i need a 1/8PT adapter. it looks like a metal T piece. with my sensor screwing into the bottom of the T. and the T going into the top coolant hose coming off the rad. Any one know where i can a) get an adapter, and...
  6. B

    skyline radio adapter?

    hi there, i want to install my: - greddy remote control for suspension - egt gauge - ikeya shifter gear indicator i dont want to cut into my cockpit harness. so i try to find a radio adapter, where i can install the 3x pcs. is the radio adapter for skyline the same? can´t find a s15 silvia...
  7. E

    about swaping ssqv bov and blitz bov

    hello there, 1st time posting a thread here hehe xD can i swap directly a hks ssqv bov and a blitz bov? or do i need to get new adapter for it. p.s : trying to swap with a friend's bov :wack:
  8. Robbyp

    Water Temp sensor adapter thingy!!

    Hey guys am for fitting a defi water temp sensor and was wondering if its better to fit the adapter thingon the top or bottom hose?Also do u know what size that hose is?40 mm poss?
  9. D

    HKS SSQV recirc and adapter

    where is the best place to get one of these?? is there anything i should be aware of when getting one and does anyone have a fitting guide??? sorry for the repost if it is
  10. P

    i pod adapter for stock s15 r spec, what is available

    i have just got me a r spec s15. My last car had a full plug in ipod adapter that allowed the head unit to control the ipod. What is available regarding ipod adapters for the s15 r spec? Anyone have one? I have only found kits for the 2003 infinity land barges in USA and i cant find any info if...
  11. Yakozan

    APEX'i Power Intake

    You might want to check if someone could make a custom adapter for the Apexi filter. More than half of the Power intake kit costs is the adapter to the AFM. Not very priceworthy considering its only a piece of steel :rolleyes: You're gonna love the flutter you'll get after installing the...