1. chris2287


    Hi! After doing research on here and SXOC and finding many older posts about coilovers I wanted to know what people are currently running? Intended use for car is fast road/track. My newly imported car currently has Apexi N1 2000spec coilovers on it which I suspect might have seen better days...
  2. chris2287

    Brake and suspension query...

    I've been looking around this forum and SXOC and it seems there are many different brake set ups that people are using. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, does anyone have any experience with Apexi N1 coilovers? How do you adjust them as I the ride gets quite unsettled with the...
  3. JaseYpk

    Adjust ABS sensitivity?

    My ABS kicks in too early in my opinion. Is there any way to adjust it slightly so it kicks in a little later? I've got R33 brakes all round, with the S15 BMC, and the front to rear bias is perfect, again in my opinion. If i'm heavily braking to slow down, (not slamming on, just heavy braking)...
  4. Fruitbooter

    A retarded coilover question

    Okay sitting at work bored thinking about stuff, got me wondering about my coilovers and what infact is the correct way to lower them. Ive never had coilovers where the base of the shock can adjust aswell as the spring seat. So looking at the coilovers - What is the correct way to...
  5. L

    A couple of suspension questions on camber and damper

    Been searching around the net and various forums but I've given up and figured I'd just ask :p I've got CS2 coilovers and rear camber arms on the S15. There's other bits too but I just wanna ask about camber and damper.. The car had all this already when I bought it so I havn't adjusted...
  6. M

    silk road damping help

    i currently have a set of silk road coilovers on my 15 and would like to know do i adjust the damping under the car or the top. in the front i know its under. thanks mark
  7. P

    headlight adjustment

    hey guys i have fitted some hids and have really noticed my beams are wey too low on one side so i want to even them up. only thing is i have no idea which bit/s to adjust to improve pitch of beam. pictures would be great
  8. D

    Better handling?

    Hallo again! I´m wondering about getting some coilovers to my S15. But I don´t know witch brand I should get. The only demand I have on them that you can adjust the camber. What do you guys recommend? //Daniel
  9. mook

    Cold idle issues

    Not sure if this is electrical or mechanical, so putting it here. Had a search on idle and adjusting and didn't really find a difinitive answer to the issue I have. Basicly, when cold the idle is way too high, something close to 2000rpm. Then, when I reverse off the drive and dip the clutch to...
  10. Topper

    Coilover fitting

    When fitting coilovers (or any suspension really), do you guys put any kind of silicone around the top of the strut to seal it from weather etc? Any other precautions i should be taking while swaping over coilovers? I know to: - 1) Adjust the pre-loud setting 2) Adjust height to same as...
  11. S

    HID adjustment

    Is it possible to purchase HID adjust thing for nomal headlight? The genuine one.