1. Yutaro

    WTB: 【Wanted!】ADM 200sx oem front deflector

    Hi there, I'm looking for ADM genuine deflectors! However I had never seen selling it before:( If you have these, any information, please let me know thanks Finally, sorry for post wrong category��
  2. S


    Hello, I'm really curious to know whether my car is ADM or NZM. I've been told it's an NZ model S15 Spec R, but i want to know the difference that it has compared to the ADM model to be able to tell between the two. I understand the horsepower for both ADM and NZM is different 147kw ADM/184kw...
  3. Parky

    So what does this do then?

    Never really paid much attention to this switch but it has been bugging me the last few days as I can't figure out what it does. Had a read of the ADM manual and it isn't mentioned in there so I assume it's a JDM thing. The switch with the orange light on..
  4. S

    new from australia

    Hello people, name Jason from Victoria in Australia I drive a spec-r s15 Silvia adm, il post pix once I can/ work out how :)
  5. 1

    New to this site adm s15 owner

    Hey Guys, just thought I would introduce myself , I'm Trent and the proud owner of a ADM S15 :) i have owned it now since last November and have plans to turn it from its current 170odd kw to around 250kw :)
  6. J

    i need help!!!

    hi guys, I am currently looking to buy a s15 autech adm or jdm, but i cant decide between the two. Is there any problems with the jdm, importing parts, rego, etc? is it worth spending the extra few thousand for the adm? im looking at the autech s15 jdm at the moment for 16k, is this to much. Any...
  7. B

    boos7ed ADM Spec S

    Only just registered to S15oc but wanted to show off my ADM Spec S I bought last month. This is my second S15 the first one a black Spec S I bought in 2003 when it was a year old. I regretted selling that one so much that I knew I had to get another one. I wanted a white s15 this time, like...
  8. B

    Hey guys - from Gold Coast Australia

    Hey Hey, Sweet! I'm not the only one obssessed by S15's! Recently bought my current ADM S15 which is the second one I've owned . I'll post some pics in members ride.
  9. H

    Wiring fog lights to ADM S15

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone has ever wired up fog lights to a ADM spec S15?? I want to use the JDM indicator Stalk but am unsure of how to go about wiring it up. Hopefully someone can help me out with this. Cheers
  10. T

    ADM JDM Differences

    Hi :wave: I was reading in another thread recently that the ADM S15 actually only ran 200bhp rather than the 250bhp on the JDM model. Is anyone able to tell me all the mechanical differences between the two models? Does the ADM s15 have the same sr20det that was in teh s14 or is it exactly...
  11. I

    engine room harness

    want to hook up the OEM fog lights but i have a ADM S15 Is this just a matter of revealing the wiering and buying the relays and connections? or will i need to install the JDM harness? also want to hook up the OEM boost gauge, is this the same story or dose that connect directly to the boost...
  12. I

    Need a JDM Spec R chassie number

    Duno if its rude to ask but i need a Real JDM Chassie Number to conferm a part number so i can order it in i own a ADM s15 and i need the boot lid that has the reinforcment in it so it will hold the GT wing. I own a Spec R ADM S15 model but it dose not have the GT wing just has the small duck...
  13. B

    WTB: Wanting a JDM 'A' Pillar Mount!

    Have been looking for ages to go in my ADM. Does any one have one they want to sell???? Cheers:nod:
  14. G

    WTB: ADM S15 Dash Meter Cluster

    Dear Aussie S15 Owners, Anyone has new or used ADM meter cluster (Speedo, Techo & Fuel/Temp) Titanium OEM, please let me know. Thanks
  15. D

    S15 advice

    I have just had my ADM S15 stolen from a public carpark; but am still rather fond of S15s and am considering another one. What are the pros and cons are of the JDM vs ADM S15? Also, is it simple to derestrict the speed limiter on the JDM cars and/or switch to the ADM cluster? Do the '99 JDM...
  16. D

    another 57pro question

    I am thinking of purchasing a set of gramlight 57pros in 17x8 and 17x9, but i'd like to know how they compare in weight to the stock rims on an ADM S15?
  17. D


    Is there any way to lower the stock seats in an ADM S15?
  18. R

    Ryan's 2001 S15 ADM

    I bought my first S15 in January '05. Its a 2001 S15 ADM Spec S, pewter in colour. Mods: - Blitz POD filter - 3" xforce turbo back exhaust with dump pipe - Autometer boost gauge with A pillar mount - Blitz full automatic turbo timer - 18" Advanti Stalkers with Goodyear Eagle F1 235/40 rubber...