1. M

    What's it worth?? Current and future S15 prices

    Hey guys! I've been looking at buying an S15 for a while now and I often see them being advertised for anywhere between $11,000 to $30,000 AUD. Just because they are advertised for this, doesn't necessarily mean that's what they are all worth. What is a fair price for an average one and does...
  2. H


    I've recently bought an S15 Spec S, looking to try and purchase a few bits and bobs for it. not new to Datsuns I owned a 14a for around 12 years until it rusted away and was scrapped a month or so ago. so picked up an average condition car which I found advertised on here (and SXOC) with a...
  3. J

    Unscrupulous dealer

    A family with a disabled son was looking for a van converted for a wheelchair. They paid the dealer $1000 to source a Nissan Elgrand in Japan. The dealer not only happily takes the 1k 'sourcing fee', but he later presents them with a vehicle that was already landed/in stock ...with wound back...
  4. D

    URAS style rear splitters

    Hello to everyone, I am new to the world of s15s and should be getting mine next week :D. I've been searching about for a pair of rear splitters for ages and came across these...
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    FS: Few things for sale

    Advertised over on SXOC -
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    FS: Kierans old car

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