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What's it worth?? Current and future S15 prices

29 May 2018
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Hey guys! I've been looking at buying an S15 for a while now and I often see them being advertised for anywhere between $11,000 to $30,000 AUD. Just because they are advertised for this, doesn't necessarily mean that's what they are all worth. What is a fair price for an average one and does anyone expect them to go up in price any time soon?

I've looked at a few and the one I'm considering is a 2001 ADM Spec R. Blue, manual, 200,000 kms on the clock. It appears very clean inside and out and has all the basic mods done professionally and tastefully including FMI, Turbo boost T, drilled rotors, high quality sound system, turbo back exhaust, custom intake setup, nistune, koni shocks and king springs. The seller has a stack of receipts dating back the 4 years he's owned it, for the work he's had done including services, bushes, suspension, brakes, sound system, panel work etc. He has also had it dynotuned and was at 195kw at one point, but is now down to 165kw after apparently changing back to a stock exhaust manifold. It comes with about 6 months registration and a rwc.

So how much would you guys pay? Thanks in advance!