1. W

    FAQ: gearbox conversions (I have access to all the gearboxes)

    This was first posted on NS but the interesting people there locked it because I work at ALPHA OMEGA PARTS AND SERVICES and deemed it as advertising. Now that I work here, have access to a heap of cool Nissan things, and can help out, I'm advertising... More likely because the info you can find...
  2. C

    Additional advertising requirement

    Please note the following addition to the forum rules.. This new rule will take effect immediately. If there are any problems please contact a member of the admin team. Thank you.
  3. Yellow Peril

    S15 White dials

    I understand that this may well be sacrilege to a lot of you, but I really want some white dials for the S15 :o All I can find so far is a company in OZ, advertising on ebay...
  4. Trial_S15

    Apparently I'm driving a 240SX!!!

    ....with a strawberry face! Well even a ka is better than an SR20DE Bit odd that they'd use an S15 when there are plenty of S14.5's around (which is what they're...