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    AE86 Owner

    Hey, my name is Matt. I currently own a AE86 Levin. I'm looking to replace it with a Spec-R Aero in the new year so I thought I'd better sign up and start doing some research!
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    dorset spec r

    Hey people, Im Dave, have had many 200sx's in past but now just gone and brought a blue spec R. Has exhaust system and blitz air filter and spitfire coil packs but no idea what they are there for? I also run a AE86 which is now to become more track focused and the s15 to be comfort. Anyhow...
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    nearly an S15 owner

    het guys, iv jus put a deposit on a 2001 Spec R S15 in gumetal grey last nite. iv always wanted 1 an iv hav 2 sell an AE86 and a peugeot 306 to cum up with the funds 2 buy it. :nod: iv still the AE86 to sell and the fella who has the S15 has sed he will wait til i get it sold which i thought was...
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    well i finally jacked the car up to check if i had a limited slip diff or not fitted to my car, and it turns out i do but i'm a bit dissapointed as i'm a former ae86 abuser i'm a little let down how hard it is to put this car round even on the standard 195/65 R15 wheels. i know its soft lock but...