1. D

    DAB aerial

    Hi Guys, anyone got experience of fitting a DAB aerial into an S15 with factory tints? Google suggests it will work okay, it's only aftermarket tints that cause a problem? I've got a new Alpine head unit and aerial on the way and seeing as my sunroof is now bolted into place and doesn't move...
  2. D

    Aerial connection

    I have a slight issue installing my new stereo that I need a little help with. The aerial plug on the car is a two pronged connector which I don't seem to be able to find an adapter for. Has anyone else had this issue and how did they solve it? The car came with a factory nav unit and minidisc...
  3. Cess

    Head unit installation/aerial issue

    Since I installed my HU in the 15, I've suffered from terrible radio reception. Now I think its something to do with the aerial needing a powered feed. Is this correct? If so, how is this done?
  4. S

    Stereo wire help

    Hi all. I'm looking at changing my headunit, and wondered if anyone knew which colour wires do what? Hear also there is a wire I need to connect to power up the antenna booster? What wire is it? Is it one that is connected to the aerial itself? and what colour wire needs connecting to what...
  5. paddyb01

    radio aerial help

    trying to get radio stations in my car but not to sure why its not working where is the aerial on the s15 is it built into the back window or sumthing:wack:
  6. S

    HELP - Stereo Install

    Hi, I have finally got round to changing my factory unit but have hit a glitch. The car came with sat nav and there are blocks with too many wires to understand! Does anyone know which wires I need to access for power/speakers and also is the aerial a two pronged connector? If it is can I get...