1. I

    does engine compression ratio affect drivability?

    Hey all This is been on my mind for quite some time now and i can never get a real answer from anyone. Question: does engine compression ratio affect drivability? im asking this because ever since iv installed my Tomei Poncams iv noticed that the drivability has been terrible. I don't mean by...
  2. spoonman

    Crank Pulley slight damage, will this affect the balance?

    The car started to leak from the front crank seal, so it got replaced as you do, but in the process my helpfull brother who "has done the heaps of times before", said he would remove the crank pulley so i let him. In the process with his cheap and nasty puller he managed to snap of several tabs...
  3. JaseYpk

    Boost Leak (Not in the conventional places though..)

    First up, I know what the first answer will be to my problem "check your hoses". I have. I've checked every single hose from the turbo to the plenum. I've tightened them, re tightened them, i've connected an electric pump to the boost nipple and done a pressure test, and not found any leaks that...