1. F

    Clean PS13 at Torque GT

    Hello all, not an S15 but wondering why this hasn't been scooped up? Seems like an alright price for a stunning example. I love the S15 over the 13 and 14 but still, that has to be appreciated no? If I could afford the insurance and had a garage, I'd probably go for it. Nissan Silvia PS13...
  2. chris2287

    New guy... looking for a new car... time for a silvia!

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy my next car... a nissan silvia. I've always fancied some Japanese goodness (I guess playing Gran Turismo as a kid, watching the fast and the furious movies and avidly reading speedhunters has probably helped fuel this :nod: !!). Now that I can realistically...
  3. B

    WTB: 18" alloy wheels.

    Hi, anyone selling a set of 18 alloys? Damaged 2 of mine down some pot hole :(... So thought maybe someone here's selling? I'll be straight, I want some thing 'fancy-pantsy'. Can't afford new set right now... many thanks!
  4. W

    New guy from manchester england

    I have always loved JDM cars. Have wanted one for so long. But I'm yet to own one of these perfect machines. I currently drive a vauxhall corsa 1.8 Sri. Its a pile of rubbish haha, when i got it was the biggest petrol engined car i could afford to insure. But after 2 years of owning it, i was...
  5. Fruitbooter

    Any home buyers on here? After some advice

    Me and the gf are currently renting atm, were looking to move in with her parents to allow us to save up a nice deposit. However my dad is putting his house up for sale as he can’t afford the mortgage payments after losing his job...this is annoying as the house will no longer be in the family...
  6. JaseYpk

    Best Recirculating BOV?

    Hola, Just wondering what the best 'brand' or 'model' recirculating BOV is? I dont fancy a vent to atmosphere one, and my current (stock) one seems to be on its way out. Engine wise the car is near standard, but new BOV will need to be future proof for the usuals like FMIC, remap & 3" system...
  7. J

    Hey everyone!

    Hello to everyone :wave: Just like to introduce myself, my names Luke i live in Westbury, Wiltshire. And im currently on the lookout for a S15 Spec S, I can't afford to insure a Spec R or afford to buy one for that matter lol, so i thought i'll get the Spec S, but its proving too be quite hard...
  8. K

    Spec S MPG

    well guys and girls im looking into buying a Spec S S15 but im wondering can i afford to run it. Just wondering whats the average mpg for one and what are they like to drive? and before you say it i know a turbo would be better but i really cant afford it.
  9. M

    tasty s15

    check out link below but dont get too excited i have already emailed him and its sold but it will still be coming to uk first. and look forward to being on these forums too, cant afford s15 yet but want one within year or two.
  10. J

    S14 - S15 Conversion

    Hi all, great site in the making! Basically i want an S15 Spec R! BADLY! But due to funding or lack of, i am looking into the possibility of doing the S15 front end conversion to an S14. I havnt looked into it too much yet so would like to know your opinions, costing, availabilty of parts, etc...