1. H

    Age of a car.

    My car is on a "W" 2000 plate but I'd like to try and find out the year of manufacture. Apperently the VIN plate holds this info (in the U.K. at least) The 10th character is the age marker. but I'm not sure if this applies to vehicles from outside the UK. If it does apply it would actually...
  2. craig_m

    insuance prices??

    i was wondering what people where paying for their insurance. your age, car (spec s or spec R) and age of car dont no if it will make any differance, ncb, list of mods, insurer thanks craig
  3. E

    a new member for the club!

    well.. as much as it seemed strange to me in the past when people did this - now I understand why :) We have a new driver arrived in our family (well passenger)... my wife did the deed and gave me a daughter today (Alice - 8lb 9oz, 20.5" which makes her almost as tall as me)... I'm wondering...