1. B

    K sport brakes

    I'm looking into a big brake upgrade and was just wondering what people views on the k sports were? Also how aggressive are the 330mm kit when using standard rear brakes? Does the ABS kick in more often when hard braking
  2. Jay-pan

    Diff noises and gear stick wobble

    Well this is my first car with a 2way diff when i first got it it seemed to be very aggressive in locking. I was advised to get some 2 way diff oil and this cured it. Was smooth and wasn't aggressive anymore but now its come back and locking very harsh. Say i am driving slowly in first or...
  3. Fruitbooter

    Check out the stance on this beauty!

    Seen the front bumper (C-West I think it is?) on a few other cars but never seen the rest of this kit like this one? Looks immense if you ask me! So aggressive! Anyone else seen this kit before? :cool:
  4. LuPix_S15

    HKS Silent Hi-Power Info...

    For those that are interested, I was getting fed up of the silencing box on my HKS Silent Hi-Power exhaust between the backbox and decat catching on speed bumps and was also keen to see if it's removal will produce a more aggressive sound... Dropped her into local Powerflow dealer yesterday...
  5. S

    interesting facts

    s15 are as long as F430 and also as low as F430. same comparison goes to Gallardo. The only difference in terms of dimension is the width. S15 gets near 1700mm and supercars get about 1900-1950mm width. That means if S15 gets about 150mm streched out on each side, it will look as fat as supercar...