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    WTB: Wanted. Drivers side oem wind deflector

    Hi guys as above mine broke today. Does anyone have an oem I can purchase? If not I will buy from RHD, unless anyone has a better source? Thanks Alan
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    Rough and Ready Spec S Project

    Had already posted a few pics in the introduction thread so decided i would post some up here. Picked this up in Japan the other morning. Rough and ready but came in on my budget (which was originally for a beater s13) so im happy enough with the outcome. The car itself is being imported...
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    WTB: WANTED: S15 Vented front wings/Guards/Fenders

    looking for some s15 vented wings prefferably d-max style ones like below :) Cheers Alan
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    WTB: WANTED: Vertex lang bodykit

    as above, just looking for front bumper and spoiler but will buy the whole kit if the price is right. Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Nismo uprated clutch slave cylinder

    Wanted as per title. Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Carbon fibre bootlid

    Am after a carbonfibre boot lid in good condition. Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Arch roller wanted.

    In need of an arch roller. one that bolts to the hub not that i've seen any other type one!:D Alan
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    WTB: Nismo GT Pro 2-way LSD Wanted

    As per title in full working condition to fit s15(obviously but ya never know!) even better if its in a diff casing. cheers Alan
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    WTB: Long shot but here goes: recaro pro racer seat

    Am after a recaro pro racer seat. The one with the wrap around sides designed for hans devices, carbon or glass reinforced plastic. Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Nismo Power Brace II

    As per title am after a Nismo power brace II. If non of you members have one to sell me what can you traders do? Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Nismo low temperature thermostat

    wanted nismo low temperature thermostat. Cheers Alan
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    WTB: Apexi avcr boost controller wanted

    as per title after apexi avcr. cheers Alan
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    WTB: After a cat as the mot coming up soon

    As per the title after a catalitic converter to fit s15 of course with the internals intact. Alan