1. Jay-pan

    Flame on....

    Exhaust heat shield?...Nahhhh be alright :wave:
  2. S15_SAM

    Awesomefest anyone going?

    Alright guys. Me and the mrs are heading up to Awesomefest next weekend, just seeing if anyone else from here is heading up?
  3. pegliobaglio

    sucking noise?

    alright guys don't know if any of you can help me her,a few weeks back when i was on boost one of my intercooler pipes popped off and the car stalled,fitted it all back together made sure everything was done up nice and tight and everything seemed fine,now it could be completely un related but...
  4. M

    newbie for ireland

    hi names michael said id join up here aswell.. :wave::wave: have an s14 which i put an s15 front on last year so i should be alright here so!! its currenly running 411bhp with printouts to prove it :cool::cool: thats about it
  5. Miss S15

    MSN/Yahoo messenger/Bebo etc.

    Couldnt find one of these on the site and I hope it's alright with Admin that I have put this up! Maybe make it a sticky admin?
  6. A

    Boost gauge

    Hey all, I am finally getting an exhaust (Turbo back with a new cat) put onto my car this Friday. Now my question is.... do I need a boost gauge to check that boost is alright... or am I able to leave it be? I don't plan on doing any other engine mods for ages.
  7. F

    Hello from New Zealand

    Hi there, we have a lot of boys driving around in Japanese 2nd hand S15s down here. from the looks of it I am the first few to register from New Zealand? anyway, here are the photos for it, I think it looks alright