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    MOT'ing de-cats?

    Guys, Does anyone know of a 'friendly' MOT station in West London? PM me please if you do? Als
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    WTB: OEM Flywheel

    Anyone got a OEM Flywheel in good condition that I can have please? Cheers Als
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    S15 Decat Silencer

    All, Look what i have found :D (Half way down the page labelled "KTS SILENCER LEVEL2 ALL STAINLESS STEEL") This says it will fit, has anyone got any experience of these? I think unless APEX can manufacture one here in the UK, i will order...
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    Hi all, Just thought i would send in a quick intro.. My name is Alan and i am in Uxbridge W-London... I am currently researching the purchase of my next car and have the S15 in mind... So hopefully fingers crossed for the next few months worth of looking, that i'll find the right one... :D...