1. Jaydej

    Top mount help

    Hey all I'm ordering my coilovers this week KW v3 and I've been told I need oem top mount, can anyone help me to where I can get these or know of a alternative? Cheers
  2. jinli

    Yashio Taillight fogs mod?

    Hey all, I've fitted the yashio lights on my s15 a while back, but without considering it doesn't have fogs! I cut the wire from my standard one, so is there a way to solder it to one of the yashio's LEDs? Was thinking of using the unused brake light on the wing as a possible easier alternative...
  3. J

    WTB: Dash Trim, Gear Gaitor, Gear Knob

    Looking for a good condition: Radio Surround (BOUGHT) OEM Gear Gaitor (considering alternative so no longer needed) OEM Gear Knob (Bought alternative) As all of mine are looking really shabby, marks tears and damage on them. PM me with what you have or places to get them. All parts got...
  4. C

    LED bulb replacement

    I'm looking to replace the brake light (filament bulb) in my spoiler with a LED. After checking the bulb spec guide I found it is a 921 (18W) bulb. Has anyone done this already? If so, could you please post a link to the LED bulb you used as I can seem to find a decent one anywhere! Do 921...
  5. Topper

    Battery Cut-off

    I'm looking for a quick and easy way to disconnect my cars battery, at the moment i disconnect the negative side when the car is in storage. There are a lot of battery cut-off switches available, but i've been thinking of something along these lines -...
  6. S

    JDM S15 Alternative Advertisement

    This is an alternative to the normal Japanese advertisement (S15 is travelling along a twisty road) It uses the same music but different video footage. I never knew this existed till the other day when I found it. I've uploaded it to (Free to download) Available at...