1. F

    Start Up Problems ***NEED HELP*** urgent

    ***HELP NEEDED**** I have a big Problem. Short to the situation. Engine is Build up new. Ecumaster ECU direct cabling without P&P Adapter Trying the first start up. Base Map is ok and works on an other S15 RPM is there Cam Sync is on synrconized BUT CAM1 angle is on -722° Tryed a lot...
  2. B

    Pic Request

    Looking for pictures of twin shotgun exhaust pipes on a standard rear bumper. All I can find is aftermarket rear bumpers. Like this but from a higher angle and without spats is possible: Cheers!
  3. N80Jamie

    Fmic fitment help

    I know a number of people have had problems with fitting the Japspeed style intercooler kits and now I'm one of them! Having problems with the cold pipe (pictured below); the thicker breather pipe is pointing directly downwards onto the fan cover. I've been told by a friend that the best job is...
  4. spoonman

    WTB: Crank Angle Sensor S14 / S15

    Crank Angle Sensor S14 / S15
  5. darcyjohan

    SR20DET - Crank angle sensor?

    The story So the other week I was driving to QLD drift matsuri which is about a 5 hour drive from where I live. Almost half way there in the middle of nowhere my car spluttered and then it got more frequent and eventually stalled and wouldn't start again. I didn't have many tools on me but I was...
  6. W

    Increasing steering lock

    Just wondering what people have done to increase the steering angle. Was thinking of using the tie rod spacers but heard you need to use s14 tie rods and ends. Do s14 tie rod inners fit the S15? Need some more angle for drifting :D