1. UncleDan

    Key Questions

    I'm in the process of looking through the forums for these answers as we speak but I figured I'd throw them up. Does anyone know where I can purchase another single button central locking remote for a JDM S15 no NATS? It still works fine; I just broke the case. I've been all over Hardtuned and...
  2. s15Irl

    Another diff question!

    Ok guys, I've been looking for an answer to this for quiet a while.. I've done many many searches on here but no definate answer! Ideally looking for advice from someone whos done this before or some sort of similar experience. I have a sh**ty open diff in my car.. I have an s14 viscous diff...
  3. NICKO

    S15/S14 Undertray?

    Im after an under tray for my s15 to improve the cooling and was wondering if anyone knows if the s14 and s15 trays are the same? ive been searching the net and cant seem to find an answer :confused: I cant seem to find any s15 trays either but have come across a few s14 ones :nod: cheers guys...
  4. D

    s15 exhaust question

    hey can someone tell me if an exhaust, just from the cat back, from a spec r will fit a spec s?? I presume they are the same but just want a definite answer! thanks
  5. T

    Identify this gearknob :)

    Can anyone identify this gearknob ?? its from the Verte Lang S15 as seen on Dino's old blog here Anyone that tells me the correct answer is cool and I will be very grateful Cheers Doug
  6. T

    Help! What's the difference between s14 and s15 Clutches

    Can anyone tell be why the s14 clutch won't work on the s15 gearbox ? I've searched but found no definite answer. Any help would be great, thanks.
  7. S

    S15 SR20DET w/S14 mission.....which pilot bearing?

    I'm a little confused on this. I'm installing an S15 Spec-R motor into my Spec S. However, I am using an S14 5-spd transmission and clutch and flywheel. I know the pilot bearings are different, but I'm unsure of which one I need to order for my swap. If I could please get an answer to this...
  8. C

    where to get cheap oem parts

    quite a n00b question here, but i'm looking to buy some new (or as new) front wheel arch liners for my s15, but wheres the best place to get them from? I've been searching around this site for the answer but cant find it. People seem to reccomend perfectrun for things like this, but when i go...
  9. Topper

    Stock S14 wheels fit on S15

    Anyone know the answer to the above ?? Cheers :)