1. J

    FS: S13 s14 180sx hubs

    I have a set of s13 s14 hubs for sale if anyone's interested?
  2. Mycool

    White s15 in Gloucester

    I see a fellow white s15 most weeks in gloucester, parked outside the rugby ground near the mermaid chip shop, Anyones on here??? Felt so surprised when i first saw it!
  3. s15Irl

    FS: 2003 reg subaru impreza sti jap import The car is very tight, dry engine. Very clean underside like new! Car is in wexford, Ireland. Just 20mins from rosslare europort. My number is in the ad if anyone's interested or knows of someone that might be...
  4. D

    WTB: OEM style carbon bonnet

    I'm after plain OEM style carbon bonnet with no vents if anyones got one laying about :D
  5. Mezza

    s15 Aero Spoiler If anyone's interested or knows anyone... Thanks!
  6. Z

    Soon to be S15 owner!

    Hello everyone, im new to this site but have checked it out before... And what a great forum! At the moment im looking to buy a S15 Spec S, but i cant see non for sale. If anyones selling up or knows where i could get hold of one, PM me please.
  7. Jordan

    WTB: Standard spark plug cover in good condition

    As above, just need one if anyone's got one. I've got the screws so only need the plug cover. J
  8. J0R04N

    Was on the Internet and I found this!! Anyone from here??

    Just found this on fleebay, anyone's on here??
  9. Mike

    Blue 15, NEC Birmingham, Blink182 gig.

    At the NEC for one of the three blink gigs have tickets for this year and saw this in the car park. Anyones?
  10. S15_SAM

    Japfest 2012 photos

    Thought I'd post up my pics! Only took a few as wasnt great for it, but if anyone's got some then wack them on here!
  11. B

    Anyone on here own a blue silvia S15 JTX

    There was a blue S15 parked on westbridge gym car park in stone at 11.15 am today, wondered if it was anyone's on here??
  12. D

    Red Spec-S in Buckingham

    Seen this a few times parked in the Swan Pool car park anyones on here?
  13. I

    S15 on ebay, Anyones on here ?

    As above, would be interested to kno more if its anyone on here
  14. R

    FS: s15 taillight

    i have the right side taillight for sale if anyones stuck
  15. D

    Chargespeed S15 on Pistonheads - anyones?

    Hey Guys, Just curious if this is anyones on the site? Looks absolutely stunning and has very good specs list and seems that the owner has looked after it well. Thoughts? Dan
  16. kimi

    santa pod

    anybody going to Rotorstock at santa pod this weekend? i will be there on Sunday :wave:with InitialD :D If anyones going come find us and say hello :nod:
  17. LuPix_S15

    Heat Shield For Air Filter

    Hi peeps :wave: Anyone bought or got a heat shield fabricated to keep the air induction kit filter cooler? I want this to be one of the first performance related mods I get done before turbo elbow/downpipe, front pipe and de-cat etc. If anyone's got pics so I can at least see how this is...
  18. P

    WTB: Aero Front Fogs

    Has anyone got any of these lying about that fit the aero front bumper and do they come with the grills around them? Im currently looking at a silvia to buy but want to make sure i can get it to look exactly how i want If anyone's got any how much would you want for them?
  19. Nicely

    WTB: Undertray

    I'm after an uncut undertray if anyone's got one. UK or Ireland please :)
  20. kimi

    santapod jap show finale

    Take a look here just wondered if anyones going from here ? i'll be there :D