1. pegliobaglio

    number plate size?

    Hey guys, Really don't know what I can have with regards to plates/font sizes I found somewhere sayin you can have smaller than uk lettering if your import doesn't have a standard mounting position or it can't be fitted in a regular way,is this correct? Owith my new bumper I really wanted a...
  2. A

    J.B. Tamashi S15 - a closer look at my ride

    My S15 which I have spent years of hard work on. Done by Onward Motorsport. Car was borrowed to film Malaysia's KL Drift Evolusi II. However, engine was damaged during filming. Disappointingly, proper maintenance checks like checking of coolant and engine oil was not done before performing...
  3. A

    carbon fibre stereo surround

    anyone seen anywhere selling these carbonfibre surrounds? apparently this one is custom made. i think they look the biz :cool: