1. F

    Clean PS13 at Torque GT

    Hello all, not an S15 but wondering why this hasn't been scooped up? Seems like an alright price for a stunning example. I love the S15 over the 13 and 14 but still, that has to be appreciated no? If I could afford the insurance and had a garage, I'd probably go for it. Nissan Silvia PS13...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    Virtual Show & Shine

    Thanks to those of you who've entered our Virtual Show & Shine on Social Media. Much appreciated and great to see your cars! best, Nick
  3. C

    Open Event: Niss Show Rockingham 14/08

    Anyone planning on going along to this? I was thinking I might being as it's so close to me, although I don't know whether it's any good? if you've seen any of my earlier threads you might remember I'm planning on getting a Spec-R (hopefully...
  4. D

    Location of wiper amp unit

    Hi all, This seems like a silly question, but does anyone know where the windscreen wiper amp unit is on an s15? On my older s13 and s14 s-body vehicles is been in the engine bay, close to the wiper motor itself but I can't seem to find it on the s15. The electrical diagram in the workshop...
  5. M

    Does a kazz 2way s14 diff fit an s15?

    As above what way does the abs sensor work for the speedo Any help appreciated
  6. M

    WTB: Two way lsd complete

    As above and anything else required to fit to a spec s any help appreciated
  7. lukes15

    my first s15 😀

    hi everyone, i have my first s15 coming from japan, on the boat as we speak! only 8 weeks to wait [emoji30] i look forward to making some friends and hearing some of your knowledge, its gona be a drifter so if anyone else is that way inclined any help is appreciated! [emoji3] ive just got rid of...
  8. S

    WTB: Standard s15 spec r parts

    Hi, I'm looking for... s15 spec r full engine loom, Inc. Coil pack loom. Standard s15 spec r 480cc injectors. s15 spec r rocker cover. It needs to be an s15r one to ensure my coil packs fit. Any help would be much appreciated appreciated. Thanks.
  9. R

    What's this for?

    Hi, I'm in the middle of my S15 build and don't know where this thing goes. It comes out of the fusebox somewhere. Any help would be appreciated, sick of wasting time on stupid things like this!! Thanks all
  10. V

    FS: Nismo Spec-Pro Catback System

    Hi guys, I got this on my 14a which may be of interest to somebody beings its off a 15. Nice JDM Nismo goodness to be appreciated. £150
  11. s15Irl

    Interior inspiration!

    Hi! Im looking for something different to do with my centre console, mainly the piece around the radio/gear stick.. I have a spare one to play around with until im happy with it! Anybody anything nice done to theirs? Pictures would be much appreciated! Thanks :)
  12. S

    Fuel pump

    Hi all I am in the progress of replacing my pump And just wanted to check that this pump is not already upgraded, any help will be much appreciated. The pump is a Arram 31 9F3A [/URL][/IMG]
  13. D

    WTB: WANTED s15 pearl white boot lid no holes pm me with prices

    :) as above ^ pm me with prices any help will be much appreciated
  14. A

    urgent help needed

    while driving earlier the engine light started flashing constantly when on the throttle it would flash slightly faster, any help would be much appreciated as I've only had it 4 days
  15. s15Irl

    Anyone have..

    Is there anyone out there with either an origin or dmax roof spoiler with OEM spoiler? Im in 2 minds about combining an origin roof spoiler with the OEM spoiler... Also should i spray it blue like my car? Leave it black? Or go carbon fibre? all opinions welcome and some pictures would be...
  16. John-

    What is this?

    Been doing some rattle hunting today, and found this wound up in my passenger footwell Could it be related to these on my windscreen? They don't seem to go anywhere, could it have been an aftermarket immobiliser or alarm? Any help would be appreciated
  17. O

    WTB: Wind deflectors

    Hi Guys I'm after a pair of wind deflectors or just the driver side. Does anyone have any for sale or know where i can get them from? much appreciated :thumbs:
  18. G

    Hopefully soon to be an s15 owner - info needed Hi, I'm going to look at a s15 tomorrow but the last one I saw was a dog so I want to ask if anyone knows this one before I go. Reg is t844 vuk See link to add above any info appreciated thanks
  19. JDM_virgin

    genuine HDI? trying to find a HDI dealer in the uk and stumbled across this on ebay. has anyone bought from them before as even thought its a HDI in the picture, the advert wording is...
  20. O

    Speedo not working

    Ive recently bought an s15 and doing some bits to get it on the road. For some reason the speedo doesnt work, i was told it was working before but i dont think its ever worked. Im tracing the wires an came across this box new the footwell fuse box, can anyone shed any light on what this...