1. J

    FS: ARC SR20 Oil Pan

    ARC SR20 Oil Pan. Price does not include PayPal Fees or Shipping. Will ship international at buyers expense. $300 USD Located in Virginia USA...
  2. S

    FS: Spec S ARC style intake pipe.

    Got an s15 spec S (sr20de) ARC style intake pipe here. It's painted in satin black crinkle paint, the paint finish is not great and it has a couple of small dents in it... Still works as it should though and will come with the rubber pipes. Open to offers. Collection preferred (PL26) or I can...
  3. Shorty

    FS: Minty.Fresh Banana S15

    Minty.Fresh S15 I am 100% sad to put my pride and joy up for sale. Only genuine enquiries. 1999 Nissan Silvia s15 Spec S SR20DE (NA) Miles: Check when I am home Mod List HSD Coilovers XXR 526 (17x9/17x10) Unknown Exhaust Vertex Kit D-Max Roof wing D-Max Boot wing D-Max LED Smoked tail...
  4. laimis

    FS: For sale Autech exhaust manifold,ARC intake

    S15 NA SR20DE FGK exhaust manifold 150GBP. ARC super intake chamber 60GBP
  5. J

    WTB: WTB: ARC Products

    Hello Everyone! I'm looking to buy some ARC parts for my S15. - Oil Cap - Intercooler - Radiator - Spark Plug Cover Please let me know if you have some for sale or know of where I can find them. Thanks
  6. Lloyd_SR20

    FS: Genuine Nissan S15 Aero rear spats + ARC Airbox for sale

    Have Genuine Nissan S15 Aero rear spats for sale. no cracks or damage. in pearl white, could do with a respray if your fussy. located in ireland. will ship to UK and Europe at buyers cost. £220 sterling. Arc aluminium hand made air Box in Very good condition with good filter and adapter plate...
  7. shark79

    FS: Arc s13 air induction box

    Selling of my ARC S13 air box which i am not using anymore GBP190 postage and paypal fees by buyer will post up pics later kindly pm thank you
  8. Nissan_S15

    FS: *Rare Parts for sale* ARC Super Induction Pipe & Apexi Induction Kit!

    Hey Guys, Got a couple of parts for sale as I recently had a new HKS induction kit fitted and I no longer require my ARC induction pipe, as my S15 will be up for sale soon, due to a newly purchased Toyota Supra 2jz project ;) So the first part is a rare ARC Super Induction Pipe, which I have...
  9. Nissan_S15

    S15 SR20DE Uprated ARC Air Intake Pipe Fitment?

    Hey guys, Ive just seen the following ARC air intake pipe on ebay, which I know rarely show up often, but just wanted to confirm whether or not that it would fit my S15 spec S? Only reason I ask is that the ad states its for an S14 SR20DE/180sx, which I believe the S14 engine is a similar...
  10. shark79

    FS: ARC Large Capacity oil pan for SR20

    Ive got a used arc large capacity oil pan for sale , its still in mint condition removed it after 10000k before selling my car. totally forgot about it. i believe they are discontinued. appearantly the pan fins on it helps in heat dissipation. they wheigh 4.5lb ,so its lightweight as well...
  11. I

    Installing ARC FMIC

    Just about to head out ot the shed and start fitting my ARC intercooler just wana know can i do this on my own? what tools do i need? and how long will this take me? please help!! If anyone has pics let me know i realy neeed em such as where to cut and what to move
  12. I

    S15 arc fmic

    Has anyone installed a ARC FMIC crossflow on a S15 before i cant find any pics just wana know if im gona run into any problems and see how it looks like fitted
  13. T

    FS: WTS: ARC Intercooler with piping

    Selling whole set of used ARC intercooler with piping. Condition: 8/10 Specs as below: Selling at USD420 plus shipping Payment prefered: paypal
  14. S

    ARC airbox anyone?

    Is there any advantage of having ARC super induction over pod filter with airbox and duct? It's a panel filter and nicely fabricated box with funnel but will it really outperform pod filter? eg. engine response at low, middle, and high RPM and negative pressure etc? Anyone had any experience...
  15. J

    My 02' Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R

    Well, thougth I should make a little presentation of my baby; a 2002 model Nissan Silvia S15 Spec-R 1 of only 2 on norwegian plates! Some specs: Ings bodykit Cusco coilover kit 18" Wads Sport SA 70 rims 255/35/18 rear 225/40/18 front Apexi AVC-R boostcontroller Nismo km/h speedometer Nismo...
  16. S

    WTB: 2nd hand ARC induction chamber 4 n/a..Irl

    as above any1 got one or knows where where there is one going cheapish?:wack:
  17. H

    Harald's S15 Spec R

    Hi, here are the specs on my S15 2002 model:) Haven't got any pics yet, but I'll take some soon. Interior: Recaro seats Bride seat rails Takata harnesses Nismo shift knob Nismo steering wheel and boss Apexi AVCR boostcontroller Apexi turbotimer Cusco 4 point roll cage Exterior: Ings bodykit...
  18. B

    ARC arb's fitted

    My ARC pipe bar arb's finally arrived (Cheers Kieran) They were relatively simple to fit and have made the car much more fun to drive,just need to crack on with the rest of the suspension now :D
  19. M

    ARC sidemount intercooler

    Hi guys.. if this has been discussed before do point me in the right direction.. didn't quite come up in my search. :) Otherwise, has anyone experience with the ARC sidemount intercooler for the S15? There's actually 2 part numbers from ARC, the one for the S15 has the thickest core, I am...
  20. L

    Air filters

    Right i'm starting to tune my car "finaly" and want to sort out the basics a good air filter. I've been thinking of getting a ARC super induction box Is anyone runing one if so what are your views? and what is every one else using?