1. vinnie

    FS: Genuine Garage Mak full bodykit

    Genuine Garage Mak full rear bumper only now Hey, My super secret bodykit is up for sale. Have a wedding and other few personal things coming up for all my parts and car will be up for sale. The kit took 7 months too make and arrive, all real super rare. Think its the only one in Europe. Only...
  2. S

    New wheels arrived - Custom AvantGarde F140

    Waited about 2 months for the wheels to arrive from AvantGarde. ( These are a custom size/offset 3pc forged wheel. Technica Bronze face with Liquid Bronze lip and hardware. Can't wait to mount!! Ill post the pics on the car once the tires arrive. 19x9.5 19x11
  3. K

    Awaiting my first s15

    Hey guys just awaiting my first silvia s15 spec r. Can't wait until it gets here...mid September it will arrive, what's good for power mods?
  4. J

    My first S15

    Hi guys, my name is Jorge I'm 22 and live in herts, I'm new to the forum and have been thinking about finding a S15 for a long time, finally I had the chance to I snatched it up. I went to gt torgue and started my search about 3 weeks ago they found me one, I have bought a spec-R Aero and...
  5. japmadlad

    Back with a vengence

    The mighty silvia is bac in action and with a new apexi induction kit it sounds da business:thumbs: Time to put up some miles me thinks.:D used Castrol Manual SMX-S synthetic gearbox oil as recommended by my rally mechanic:nod:. Gr8 stuff, smooth & quiet gear changes. The mechanic said there...
  6. K

    HID conversion installation

    Has anyone had any experience installing an HID conversion kit? I purchased a few kits for my toyota celica and nissan maxima and they should arrive any day now. So I'm wondering if I will have any problems?? I'll post some pictures when its installed !!
  7. D

    never know what to put for a welcome topic?

    Hey, little about me, 22, from northants UK currently don't own an S15... but as a fairly "speedy" decision over the bankholiday weekend, i've decided to sell my current car, which is a civic VTi, and.... for the bill for an S15! :D i do already know sushiming from here, and hopefully poppin'...